For the Lake's Sake

For the Lake’s Sake

By Michael Hermann

With the water level of White Bear Lake still floundering and reaching an all-time low in the summer of 2013, many local residents are searching for answers. It seems to be the consensus that overpumping of the aquifer and other factors are likely causing the low water level. With the U.S. Geological Survey still conducting research, progress toward resolving the problem has been gradual, and many citizens are looking for ways to improve the lake on their own. Speaking from experience I can agree that this may be difficult to even have an idea of where to begin. However, there are simple steps that one can take to drastically lower water use.

lakeThis is exactly what the “Doing Our Part, Saving the Lake” pledge is all about. The White Bear Area Chamber of Commerce has recently come up with an opportunity to take a pledge to conserve water, as well as advice on how simple steps at home or business can have a large impact on the lake level.

There are many economical and also simple at-home things anybody can do, such as checking your toilet bowls for leaks with a color tablet.

Upon signing up for the pledge local business owners and residents are able to show their support for the cause and also share their tricks with fellow lake lovers. For more information on how to take “The Pledge” and other topics please visit White Bear Area Chamber of Commerce website at and click on the “Saving the Lake” tab.

Image courtesy of the White Bear Area Chamber of Commerce