Bluebirds on the Gateway

Bluebirds on the Gateway

At the end of April Carolyn Baird, with help from MAGI member Dennis Lindeke, installed 14 new PVC style bluebird houses along the Gateway Trail.  The 14 houses are installed in pairs, starting with two at Pine Point Park and ending with four on either side of the new Wildwood school.  Carolyn and Dennis monitor the houses weekly.

The most recent count was conducted on Saturday, May 31.  Ten of the 14 houses were occupied.  There were 14 bluebird babies that had recently hatched, 10 bluebird eggs that had yet to hatch and 31 tree swallow eggs  (no swallow babies yet).  Carolyn put a spritz of vanilla over all the babies to help keep insect pests away.

The trail is sponsored by the Bluebird Recovery Program of Minnesota.  Carolyn and Dennis are keeping a spreadsheet of the weekly counts and will share it with BBRP.

Thanks, Carolyn and Dennis, for the great work you’re doing to help nurture nature in the Mahtomedi area!

Photo by Rich Hoeg (Creative Commons via Flickr)