What We Can Do for the Bees

What We Can Do for the Bees

There’s been a lot of buzz about bees in the news lately. New studies are increasing our understanding of the huge  importance of bees and other pollinators in providing the food we eat and in contributing to a healthy ecosystem. At the same time, there’s growing concern about declining populations of bees due to pesticide use, habitat destruction and other human activities

The good news? There’s LOTS we can do to help bees thrive and continue to provide the important services they do! In a presentation to the Mahtomedi Garden Club last month, Patricia Hauser, founder of Humming for Bees, provided a list of “bee-friendly” tips. Among them:

  • Be informed. Learn about the importance of bees and the challenges they face in our community at Humming for Bees.
  • Inform others. Invite people over to watch a bee video with you! Talk about it after viewing.
  • Support the Saving Americaʼs Pollinators Act (HR 2692) by CALLING &/or writing YOUR national House of Representative in Washington DC and asking her/him to sign on as a co-sponsor and support this bill!
  • Support any bee-friendly bills that come up in the Minnesota House or Senate this coming legislative season.
  • Donʼt buy systemic poisoned plants next spring!
  • Tell your local garden center you won’t be buying systemic poisoned plants next year and you hope they wonʼt accept them from their growers.
  • Research now to find a bee-friendly plant source for your garden shopping  next spring.
  • Check for any systemic pesticides you might have in your garage and take to the hazardous waste drop off for disposal.
  • Write & call your mayor and each city council member and ask for your city to support ALL pollinators including the BEES that feed us—by educating the citizens as to their importance, their needs and the problems theyʼre facing. Ask them to pass an ordinance or at least a resolution to help them. Encourage them to call Shorewood mayor Scott Zerby, for ideas.
  • Contact the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and ask the agency to speed up its review of neonicotinoid pesticides.
  • Contact the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to encourage it to prohibit neonics in the state.
  • Sign the “Bee Safe Yard” Pledge, donate $5 and get a sign for your yard

To learn more, visit Humming for Bees.

Photo courtesy of *vlad* (Creative Commons | Flickr)