Wildwood Tree Planting Wraps Up

Wildwood Tree Planting Wraps Up

By Jeanne Zlonis

The tree planting on the new Wildwood Natural Playground is now complete!  Seven beautiful Black Hills spruce trees were installed in October, three on the playground and four on the hillside to the west.

four_treesThe deciduous trees and shrubs planted last fall have all survived their first year in spite of being buffeted by persistent winds. Hopefully this will help them put down very strong roots!

The children are wild about their new play space, especially running up and down the hills and digging in the sand. A meandering pathway, tree “cookies” and logs have been added to the space and are also very popular. The Playground Committee met last week to discuss next steps and research possibilities for additional playground elements to be added Spring of 2016.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 6.21.49 PMA sign thanking supporters was installed on the playground earlier this week. The shade and beauty community members have made possible will be much appreciated in the years to come.

Photos courtesy of Jeanne Zlonis