MN Recyclery: New life for old bikes

MN Recyclery: New life for old bikes

By Jim Muellner

Editor’s note: Longtime White Bear Lake businessman Jim Mueller founded MN Recyclery in 2011 as a way to share the joy of bicycling with those who might not otherwise have the opportunity. If you have a bicycle to donate or would like to get involved, he invites you to give MN Recyclery a call at 651-402-4880.

MN Recyclery is pleased to be entering our sixth year of providing refurbished and safe bikes to those in our wonderful White Bear Lake area who need a bike. We anticipate an even greater need due to the continuing work of many in our city to make biking and walking safer year round for both young and old.

Every Tuesday year-round, our six volunteers get together  to clean up and repair bikes, preparing them for their new owners. We can do what we do because of the many selfless people who have donated their unused bikes to our company. If someone is reading this thinking about bikes they have had hanging up in a hot garage for several years with no one using them, the sooner you can get them to us, the easier and less costly it is for us to get these bikes back on the road. Tires dry out, grease gets hard, and chains rust. Please consider this as we are in constant need of bikes for kids and adults.

MN Recyclery is self-funded. We do not receive money from the county, state or city to do what we do. If an individual or family receiving a refurbished bike can afford something, we invite them to make a donation to offset our costs for parts, tires, cleaning materials, etc.

Lynn Kapaun leads our volunteers. He is doing a great job of keeping us organized and meeting the delivery promises we have made. I am deeply indebted to bike donors past, present, and future, and to everyone who has worked with MN Recyclery. You are providing transportation and recreation for countless families who otherwise could not afford the priceless joy of feeling the wind in their hair and the sense of independence and confidence that comes from riding a bike. Thank you.

Photo of MN Recyclery volunteers courtesy of Mike Brooks. From left to right: Dale Daul, Lynn Kapaun, Dick Grohowski and Paul Stephen.