The Mahtomedi Area Green Initiative is a grassroots organization of residents of Mahtomedi, Minnesota, and surrounding communities who care about the environment.


Ramsay NeighborwayIn partnership with Mahtomedi area residents, schools, businesses, and government, MAGI works to:

• reduce use of nonrenewable, carbon-emitting fuels
• produce renewable energy, including wind and solar
• encourage an enduring community commitment to sustainability

MAGI meets on the first Monday of each month at 7 p.m. All are welcome! The location varies, so check the calendar on our homepage or contact info@mahtomedigreen.org for details. 


Mahtomedi Area Green Initiative began with a group of Mahtomedi school parents shivering on the windswept sidelines of a Mahtomedi High School sports field as they cheered on student athletes. Wouldn’t it be great, they mused, if we could harness some of this wind, and in the process help our children begin forging a path to a renewable energy future? They began to meet in the warmth of a local coffee shop, and the Mahtomedi Area Green Initiative (MAGI) was born.

Since 2006, MAGI volunteers have worked within our community to promote energy conservation, renewable energy and sustainability. Our strong Mahtomedi School District serves as our geographic base, yet a key function of MAGI is to create connections among individuals and groups in our area and beyond.  The goal is to encourage all of us to tap the power of partnership and make the good things we are doing even better!

To help support good things financially, MAGI has partnered with the Mahtomedi Area Educational Foundation to establish the Green Initiative Fund. Tax-deductible contributions to this fund will support renewable energy and environmental education projects and programs in our community.  The first project for which Green Initiative Funds were raised is the Zephyr Wind Project.

Current Projects

Current MAGI projects include:

  • working with the City of Mahtomedi to achieve energy goals through an Xcel Energy Partners in Energy grant
  • participating in efforts to make our community more bike- and pedestrian-friendly
  •  providing support for Race 2 Reduce, a community water conservation initiative led by H2O for Life
  • working with Mahtomedi Schools on a Safe Routes to School initiative
  • helping the City of Mahtomedi plan its annual RITE of Spring Earth Day event
  • exploring opportunities to make our community safer and more user-friendly for walkers and bicyclists
  • providing a central clearinghouse for sustainability-related information and activities in the Mahtomedi area
  • providing the MAGI Environmental Leadership Award for high school seniors.

Green Initiative Fund

The Green Initiative Fund was established in partnership between the Mahtomedi Area Educational Foundation (MAEF) and the Mahtomedi Area Green Initiative (MAGI). Tax-deductible contributions to this fund support renewable energy and environmental education projects and programs in our community. Donate now!