Natural Playground Nears Completion

Natural Playground Nears Completion

Construction new Wildwood Natural Playground is almost complete!

Natural Playgrounds Company of New Hampshire is finishing the installation of the hills, climbing wall, cave, rocks, and other playground features and installing sod this week. The unsodded areas will be hydro-seeded soon.

Check out the latest pictures taken August 9 and 13.

Thanks to all who have made a donation to help pay for trees to shade the site. We need donors for  just five more deciduous trees to populate this area.  Donate now to ensure  your tree will be planted at the October 4 Planting Event!

Click HERE to help “Plant a Tree…Grow a Playground.”

Tom Sawyer would've loved this cave!

Tom Sawyer would’ve loved this cave!

A total of 23 deciduous trees will be planted on October 4.  That timing will allow the new trees can be watered well and begin to grow before winter sets in.  Shrubs and evergreens will be planted next spring, when conditions are more favorable for their establishment.

Photos by Jeanne Zlonis.