Ramsay Neighborway

Volunteer team installs Mahtomedi’s first Neighborway


On Saturday, July 30, 25 volunteers, working under the auspices of the Mahtomedi Area Green Initiative constructed the first Neighborway path in Mahtomedi. The path connects the major intersection at Quail Street and Mahtomedi Avenue directly to the newly extended Streetcar Trail so children and other pedestrians can avoid walking on the dangerous shoulders of Quail Street and Mahtomedi Avenue. The path crosses private land owned by Ramsay and Associates, CPAs, who also provided most of the material used in construction of the path.

neighborwaysThis path is the first of several planned for the Mahtomedi area, connecting road and existing trails and intended to make walking safer in the community. Reflecting the importance of connecting our neighborhoods and cities, the volunteers came from Mahtomedi, White Bear Lake, Birchwood Village and Grant. The path includes the parking lot of the Ramsay Building, and 125 feet of wood chip trail through the woods to the Streetcar Trail. The public is specifically granted permission to use the walkway under the provisions of Minnesota Statute 604A.20, which precludes liability for a landowners who grant such rights to the public.

One volunteer, Hans Butterman, commented: “At last I have a way to take my dog for a walk on Streetcar Trail without having to walk on a busy road.”

The public is invited to use the pathway, on which motorized vehicles are prohibited. Further information about NeighborWay Trails is available from Steve Wolgamot, project manager, at 612-209-6121 or kwolgamot@comcast.net.