Toilet study shows potential for water conservation

Toilet study shows potential for water conservation

By Paul Steinhauser, Race2Reduce director

In 2016 the White Bear Lake Conservation District funded a study to explore the potential for saving water and money by improving the efficiency of water.

Race2Reduce staff developed the study, which included retrofitting homes with dual-flush toilet inserts and measuring changes in water use, as well as online, phone and door to door surveys of White Bear Lake residents. The results of the study are available here:

Potential Water and Monetary Savings for the City of White Bear Lake, MN, Through Updating Toilet Technology in City Households

While the sample size is small, the information paints a clear picture of unnecessary water waste by all.  Regardless of whatever other measures are taken to guard our lake and groundwater resources, conservation should be central and ongoing as the least expensive, least environmentally invasive method to reduce water waste.

Photo courtesy of Alexas_Fotos | Pixabay