A chance to make Wildwood Road safer for biking & walking

A chance to make Wildwood Road safer for biking & walking

A 1.25-mile section of Hwy. 244/12 (also known as Wildwood Road) is up for reconstruction in 2021, and local citizens are advocating for including plans for a major “Greenway” and Safe Routes to Schools corridor for bicyclists and pedestrians, connecting the major shopping, neighborhood, parks and school destinations in Mahtomedi that are now isolated by unsafe traffic congestion and high speed traffic.

The major bicycle and pedestrian “Greenway” corridor priorities being proposed are:

1) Improve the safety of the Wedgewood Drive intersection and crosswalk. An estimated 70% of drivers do not stop or slow down for pedestrians within the crosswalk. Cars have difficulty turning onto Hwy. 244/12 from Wedgwood Drive.

2) Add bike lanes. Dedicated lanes for bicycle traffic will improve the ability of students and families to safety bike and walk along 244/12.

3) Add speed reduction and traffic calming. More than 70% of drivers are estimated to exceed the posted speed limit in this road section.  

If you support these and other safety improvements priorities, please attend the March 5 Open House to demonstrate community support and share your thoughts with county planners.

Please also consider signing this petition in support of the multi-use option!