How local residents are boosting safety on Mahtomedi streets

How local residents are boosting safety on Mahtomedi streets

Hooray for citizen action! Mahtomedi area residents and city and school district staff are teaming up to improve safety for walkers, bicyclists, wheelchair users, and runners, and it’s making a difference.

MAGI members and others are working with the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota, the City of Mahtomedi, and ISD 832 to make our streets safer for all. Goals include calming traffic, improving infrastructure, and improving visibility of nonmotorized traffic. The cities of Willernie and Pine Springs and Washington County are providing additional support.

Accomplishments so far include:

  • repainting the school zone around OH Anderson Elementary School
  • reducing the speed limit to 20 mph on residential streets and 25 mph on collector streets
  • installing a flashing-light crossing at Quail St.
  • painting sharrows and installing “Share the Road” signs on Briarwood Ave., Old Wildwood Road, Highway 12, and Glenmar Ave.
  • striping Dahlia, S. Hallam, and 72nd to calm traffic
  • updating the Safe Routes to School map
  • narrowing the vehicle lane, widening the pedestrian lane, and improving signage  on Old Wildwood Road
  • purchasing and using a flashing speed feedback sign to aid in speed data gathering and enforcement
  • starting a Bike/Walk/Roll Facebook page.

Projects in the works or being discussed include:

  • adding a sidewalk south of OH Anderson
  • adding a sidewalk on 72nd street for South Warner Road to Glenmar Ave.
  • creating a safe Hilton Trail crossing from the Pheasant Run neighborhood
  • adding a stoplight at Hwy 12/Wedgewood Drive and pedestrian crossings with median refuges at View Road/Old Wildwood Road and Lincolntown Road
  • an asphalt path through Katherine Abbott from the parking area to Bichner Lane
  • a pedestrian link through back of Four Seasons Restaurant to the Forest Ave .Trail
  • redesigning the intersection of Maple St. and Hwy. 244
  • installing an RRFB at Wildridge Road on Lincolntown Road
  • paving the Briarwood Trail
  • adding a new connector trail linking Hallam Ave N. at Juniper St. to Hallam Ave
  • adding pavement marking on Wildwood Beach Road, Birchwood Road, and Park Ave.

Residents with safety concerns related to bicycling, walking, or using wheelchairs are encouraged to contact MAGI at