Working for better, safer biking & walking in 2022

Would you like to live in a community where it’s as easy and safe to get around by foot, on a bike or in a wheelchair as it is by car? MAGI is helping to make that wish come true in the Mahtomedi area.

Over the past several years, we have worked with the City of Mahtomedi and Mahtomedi Schools to identify ways to make our community safer for nonmotorized travel. Progress to date includes reduced speed limits, safer street crossings, traffic calming, the Lake Links trail and lots more.  

A spring 2021 community survey by the City of Mahtomedi showed great support for better safety in Mahtomedi.  The Safe Routes to Schools program has recently seen a big upswing in activity, and grant applications are in progress. State and federal funding for bike/ped/roll projects has increased.

Projects for 2022 include additional bike/ped/roll infrastructure (including three pedestrian crossings) along Highway 12; sidewalk and pedestrian crossing improvement at the intersection of Maple St. and Highway 244, and safety features for schoolchildren near schools. See map for details.  

Other projects (2023 and beyond) are still in the concept and planning stages so need citizen support to gain traction within the various agencies involved. These include improved bike/ped/roll infrastructure along Highway 120, a HAWK crossing on Hilton Trail, and Highway 12 improvements on the east side of Mahtomedi. See map for details.

Each MAGI monthly meeting normally has bike-ped-roll projects as an agenda item. Please join us to help get these and other improvements done. We meet the first Monday of the month, usually by Zoom. Contact to be added to the meeting notification list.

The BikeWalkRollMahtomedi Facebook page regularly posts information and provides a forum for community conversations about traffic safety improvements. You can join the group here.

Please contact your elected officials to express your support for safer walking and biking:

City of Mahtomedi

Washington County